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Software by (or contributed to by) Suvrit Sra

Multiframe Blind Deconvolution (code written by my co-authors) by S. Harmeling, M. Hirsch [ .tar file ] MISCELLANEOUS SOFTWARE CARPACK --- An F2Cd version of ARPACK Version From: September 30, 2005 MATLAB2CCS --- Matlab mexfile to save a Matlab sparse matrix as a CCS file (allows saving either as text-files or as a "fwritten" binary file) Version from: February 21, 2010 convertMATtoSparseBin, convertBINtoSparseMat --- Command line tools to convert a Matlab sparse matrix saved as a .mat file to a CCS "fwritten" file and vice-versa Version from: February 21, 2010 READCCS --- Matlab mexfile to read either a text-mode or a binary mode CCS file Version from: February 21, 2010